East German Strichtarn Camouflage Stencil Kit



East German Strichtarn was developed in East Germany as an "all seasons" camouflage pattern and utilized from 1965-1990.


  • Pistol and Rifle Packs Available
    • Rifle- Contains 4 sheets 7" x 12".
    • Pistol- Contains 2 sheets 7" x 12".
  • Perfect for use on Firearms, Airsoft & Paintball Weapons, Tumbler Cups, and More!!!
  • Stencils are machine cut on High Quality, Heat Resistant, Low Tach Adhesive Vinyl, Non Reusable Paint Mask
  • Perfect for use with Cerakote, DuraCoat, KG Gunkote, Krylon, Acid Etching, Polymer Stippling, and More!


Directions for best results,

  • Spray base coat (Dark Olive Drab Green)
  • Apply stencil shapes
  • Spray 2nd color (Light Olive Drab Green)
  • Remove all camouflage stencils